European Standard

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) sets the standards for Bitumen products in Europe, which are commonly referred to as the European Standards (EN). The most commonly used standard for Bitumen in Europe is EN 12591, which specifies the requirements and test methods for Bitumen binders used in road construction and maintenance.
EN 12591 defines the properties of Bitumen binders, such as penetration grade, softening point, viscosity, and ductility. The standard also includes requirements for other properties, such as resistance to water, aging, and deformation. These properties are determined through various tests, such as the penetration test, softening point test, and ductility test.
In addition to EN 12591, there are other European Standards that provide guidelines for the production, handling, and testing of Bitumen products. For example, EN 12597 specifies the sampling and testing procedures for Bitumen products, while EN 13304 provides guidelines for the storage, handling, and transport of Bitumen.
The European standards for Bitumen products are designed to ensure that the Bitumen used in road construction and maintenance meets certain quality and performance requirements. By adhering to these standards, Bitumen producers and users can ensure that their products meet the same level of quality and performance across the European Union.